Milan Design Week 2018 – Thanks all of you

After the closing of Milan Design Week 2018 I take a few moments to thank those who share my design vision and helped me to develop new ideas and those who keep supporting me with their productions. I thank all the friends who have gifted their time to meet me and to visit the new products launched at the fair and in the fuorisalone.

A ba' Marco De Masi per Hands On Design

A ba’ – Hands on Design

Wooden bottle holder. Its pose is freezed inclined as in the gesture of offering wine. The bottle holder remains in the inclined position by the shape of base. The empty space between exterior and interior faces helps to keep the wine temperature.

Strelizia – MARG

The main concept is based on its functional joint. That element metaphorically refers to the Strelitzia flower. It reproduces its elegance in a light furniture element.

Marco De Masi Trivolta per Officine Tamborrino

Trivolta – Officine Tamborrino

The merging of wood and metal is the concept upon which this table is based. The combination of these two materials, a warm one and a cold one, and the various finishes that can be obtained, provide a remarkable flexibility for positioning Trivolta in several types of places. Just like the original rectangular version, the metal plates are fixed through the wooden core in order to compose the top. As a result, three vaults are created to keep the entire table structure solid and stable.

Marco De Masi Volta per Officine Tamborrino

Volta – Officine Tamborrino

This table is characterized by a soft sense of industrial elegance and is suitable for use in different contexts according to specific finish, in natural steel with transparent coating or powder-painted to exalt the contrast between wood and metal. The top is composed of a steel plate and a wooden central core. By fixing the two metallic elements to the central wooden part, the entire structure is kept stable and in place, just like it happened with ancient vaults in architecture. Volta was published in the ADI Design Index 2015 and competed for Compasso d’Oro 2016 prize.