ANIMA wins the German Design Award 2018

ANIMA - DUNE collection

ANIMA won the German Design Award 2018, one of the most prestigious awards in industrial design, with its DUNE collection designed by Paolo D’Arrigo. I had the pleasure of contributing to its develoment.

German Design Award Winner 2018

The German Design Award 2018 of the German Design Council, one of the most prestigious international awards in the industrial design sector, for its Dune console. This leading German association has over 60 years of history and presents awards every year not just to original contemporary design pieces, but most especially to those with a high degree of innovation which can take on the shape of symbolic and iconic design models.

Since its inauguration in 2012, the German Design Award has been one of the most respected awards in the sector worldwide and to run for the award, there is first a nomination per category and then the final announcement of the winners. Having received the nomination in the Bathroom category in the area of Excellent Product Design, the Dune console was chosen as the outright winner out of 2500 candidates by an international panel of experts from all sectors of the trade who cited the following reasons for their choice.

The Dune collection has its roots in a mix of fine solid wood and Teknostone, a hi-tech solid surface made of stone and ultra-pure polymers.
The product of this union are tops, consoles and open or door-closed container units, decorative heating elements and back-lit mirrors that go together like peaches and cream.
The curvaceous, unbroken shapes of the washbasin top create natural niches for the washbasin itself and the soap dish, made possible through the use of a numerically controlled production process.
The feel of the unit produces a wave of sensation that makes you want to caress it and explore its voluptuous fullness and empty volumes with your fingers, as if they were something from nature.
This link with the natural world and the respect for the environment is evident in the use of oiled-wood finish of the furniture, the stainless steel progressive cartridges for energy saving for the tapware and the absence of plating or chemically-produced finishes.

I really thank Paolo for the opportunity and the hard work made together.